San Diego – Day 1

Nick and I made awesome time and made it to San Diego in only 5 hours. After we checked in to our hotel on the bay, we made the less than half mile walk over to the USS Midway, the decommissioned aircraft carrier that has been turned into a museum. Obviously, it’s enormous. What I didn’t know is practically the entire thing is open to the public and part of the “museum.” We were here for over 3 hours.

Things we learned:

  • Wear comfortable shoes it’s enormous. Also, try not to visit when San Diego is experiencing a mini heat wave.


  •  Being an enlisted-man lends to unfortunate living quarters

  • Being an officer is only slightly better in terms of bunk space

  • The XO (Executive Officer) definitely has the best room that even includes a sitting area/office!

  • This is probably where the Village People got inspiration for “In the Navy”

  • Nick likes taking pictures of me in the kitchen

  • Being an engineer is the worst. The best outcome is you end up deaf from the constant noise from the equipment. Decorating steam turbines is apparently supposed to help raise morale

  • The planes (and helicopters) are the coolest part

*Fun side story – 10 seconds before we took this picture, some lady walked right into this propeller (and was not injured, so we didn’t even have to feel bad when we laughed)

F-14 Tomcat, the type used in Top Gun

SH-3 Sea King Anti-Submarine helicopter (I didn’t even know anti-submarine helicopters existed)

  • Aircraft carriers have come a long way. These are models of the very first aircraft carrier, USS Langley (on the right) and a modern day aircraft carrier, USS Gerald Ford. The USS Midway, when first commissioned after WWII, used to have just a rectangular flight deck. It went through multiple “modernizations” to end up how it is today. The deck area that sticks out makes it possible for planes to land and take off at the same time.

  • Nick’s arms are long enough so that we can take pictures of ourselves with the DSLR

After walking around the USS Midway for 3 hours and then back to our hotel, we decided to  try the Ruth’s Chris that is directly next door to the hotel. Things we learned at the restaurant:

  • Ruth’s Chris is incredibly overpriced for being mediocre
  • Don’t touch the 500 degree plates. (They are literally 500 degrees and you will burn yourself.)

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