San Diego – Day 3

Sea World San Diego is freaking awesome! In addition to all the regular park attractions, we booked the “Penguins Up Close” tour. It included extra information about the research being done on the penguins, the chance to touch a Macaroni penguin and access to the inside of the 26 degree penguin exhibit that housed Gentoo, Adelie, Macaroni, King and Emperor penguins. It was AMAZING!

Penguins have 70 feathers per square inch! (A flamingo has 10 feathers per square inch.) It’s what keeps them dry and warm when they’re swimming in Antarctic waters.

These are baby penguin feathers. They were so downy and soft! I wish we could interact with a baby penguin – they are so squee!

More awesomeness around Sea World:

There was a new roller coaster called The Manta that we rode twice because it was fun and exciting while also being comfortable! The exit led to a bat ray touch pool. Rays feels so slimy and squishy and neat.

Sea turtles are a favorite of mine:

We had fun at the Tide Pool:

I still want to swim with sharks:

Wolf eels are pretty gross looking:

The reef stonefish is known as the world’s most venomous fish. Rather than swim away when disturbed, the stonefish will raise its dorsal spines for protection. These spines inject highly toxic venom which leads to severe pain, as well as possible shock, paralysis, and even fatality.

And last, but not least, the whale show is pretty awesome.

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