San Diego – Day 4

Nick and I were seriously underwhelmed by the San Diego Zoo. We took some good pictures and tried to make the best of it and now we can say we’ve seen pandas for realz. I really liked the reptile house with all the neat snakes and lizards. Nick’s favorite part was the petting zoo where we took some pictures with goats. (Nick really super likes goats; almost as much as penguins.) In summation, it was a pretty expensive day to do 3 hours of nonstop cardio, but we like being active.

Some interesting animal facts:

Blue Spotted Tree Monitor – First discovered in 2002. It is only found in the Batanta Island rainforest off the coast of New Guinea. In case you couldn’t tell from what’s going on in the picture above, they are part of a successful breeding program to increase their numbers.

Angolan pythons are seldom seen in the wild. They live in the dry, rocky foothills of Angola and Namibia–areas that are remote and mostly unpopulated. Only a very few of them have been exported for scientific and educational purposes.

This two-headed California King snake would have been twins, but the embryo didn’t split all the way.


  1. Looks like the two of you had a great time in CA. Saw snow, felt humidity and saw pandas and whales. Can’t see that in LV.

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