NFL Picks – 2013, Week 3

This is the second week of our season long pick ’em contest. We each had a fair bit of success in the first week, although I came out ahead because two of my four picks won by a single point. Lucky me! Our current records:

  • Angela: 8-7
  • Nick: 12-3

We’re also picking the Monday night score and whoever gets closer gets one tiebreaker point. For our tiebreaker, the current record is:

  • Angela: 1-0
  • Nick: 0-1

Here’s our picks for Week 3:

Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles
Angela: Eagles
Nick: Eagles
Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens
Angela: Texans
Nick: Texans
Detroit Lions at Washington Indigenous Persons
Angela: Lions
Nick: Lions
San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans
Angela: Titans
Nick: Chargers
Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints
Angela: Saints
Nick: Cardinals
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots
Angela: Patriots
Nick: Patriots
Cleveland Browns at Minnesota Vikings
Angela: Vikings
Nick: Vikings
N.Y. Giants at Carolina Panthers
Angela: Giants
Nick: Giants
Green Bay Packers at Cincinnati Bengals
Angela: Packers
Nick: Packers
St. Louis Rams at Dallas Cowboys
Angela: Cowboys
Nick: Cowboys
Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins
Angela: Dolphins
Nick: Falcons
Buffalo Bills at N.Y. Jets
Angela: Bills
Nick: Bills
Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawks
Angela: Seahawks
Nick: Seahawks
Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers
Angela: 49ers
Nick: 49ers
Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers
Angela: Bears
Nick: Bears
Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos
Angela: Broncos
Nick: Broncos
Monday Night Points
Angela: 45
Nick: 49

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