Football Sports

2003 Football – Andrean 59ers vs Highland Trojans – Knockout Hit

I was talking to my brother the other day and we were chatting about our football careers as it looks like he’ll be continuing his. Mine ended a while ago, but I still look back at football quite fondly. I decided to rip the 2003 Andrean 59ers highlight DVD to my computer and I extracted […]


February 2013 Meal Plan

Angela and I have really buckled down our eating this year. First, we wanted to make a concerted effort to eat better nutritionally. Second, we don’t go out to eat anymore, which has been a huge help in terms of budget and knowing what goes into our bodies. Although we eat fairly plain nowadays, neither […]

Fitness Food

Banana Bars

I make these bars for Nick and he thinks they are mega delicious, so I figured I’d share the recipe I threw together from multiple banana bread recipes along with some healthy substitutions. I throw the following in a bowl (why do that whole “mix the dry then the wet and combine them” thing and […]


Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire

Angela and I went to the Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire last Saturday and had a pretty awesome time. About 40 exhibitors were present, and each was very passionate about the items they were presenting, what they’d created and the chance for the average person to build really cool stuff. While we didn’t talk to […]


February 2013 Weightlifting Workout

Angela and I have been enjoying our home workout equipment a lot. We love the fact that all we have to do to get a good workout is walk down to the garage and put in the effort. For the first four weeks of this year, we eased ourselves into a regular weightlifting program. We […]