Author: Nicholas Ohrn

  • Seychelles, March 2023

    Seychelles, March 2023

    We recently returned from a trip to Seychelles. While there, we spent our time on the largest inhabited island, Mahe, staying several nights in both the north and the south. We drove the circumference, visited the capital, and explored several summits and a few beaches. Many of our trips are thinly disguised educational field trips […]

  • South Korea and Japan, February 2023

    South Korea and Japan, February 2023

    Angela and I recently returned from a trip to South Korea and Japan. This was our first time in South Korea, and we confined ourselves to Seoul, but still managed to take in a lot of information about Korea, its long history, and its culture. We visited several museums and enjoyed the touchstone foods of […]

  • Phoenix, 2022

    Phoenix, 2022

    Angela and I recently returned from Phoenix where we attended the VRBO Fiesta Bowl Game between the Michigan Wolverines and TCU Horned Frogs. My brother, James, and our friend Kenya, who we met through the dachshund Instagram community, joined us for the game. While I was rooting for the Wolverines, Angela pulled for the winning […]

  • New Zealand, December 2022

    New Zealand, December 2022

    Angela and I recently returned from eleven days in New Zealand with all but one day spent on the South Island. We had an absolutely fantastic trip with beautiful landscapes, exciting hiking, and exhilarating and meaningful activities. It is hard to express just how much our plan for this journey differed from our past few […]

  • Punta Mita, Mexico, November 2022

    Punta Mita, Mexico, November 2022

    Angela and her mother, Theresa, recently returned from a five-night stay in Punta Mita, Mexico. This was primarily a traditional sun-and-surf vacation, but they decided to partake of an off-road excursion to spice things up. This trip was specifically planned around the hotel they’d be staying at, the Conrad Punta de Mita. We needed to […]

  • Australia, November 2022

    Australia, November 2022

    Angela and I recently returned from a whirlwind tour of the east coast of Australia. We visited Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, meeting up with friends, drinking delicious coffee, eating good food, and walking through a few different gardens and parks in each city. As this was our second trip to Australia, and our second trip […]

  • Vancouver, October 2022

    Vancouver, October 2022

    Angela and I recently returned from a weekend trip to Vancouver where we spent a few days exploring the city and eating delicious food. We really enjoyed our time there and would definitely recommend it to those on the west coast looking for a quick trip somewhere fun. At the end of last year, I […]

  • Chicago, October 2022

    Chicago, October 2022

    I recently returned from a trip to Chicago where I went to a Thursday Night Football game at Soldier Field, spent an afternoon with family, and met up with some friends that I’ve known for a few years in an online-only capacity. Of a 28-person online group chat that I’m a part of, 14 people […]

  • London, September 2022

    London, September 2022

    Angela and I recently returned from a week in London during which we visited a number of tourist sights and ate a variety of delicious foods. In addition, I met up with a couple of friends for an NFL game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium while Angela visited Windsor Castle. Bookings While there was a minor […]

  • Park City, August 2022

    Park City, August 2022

    Angela, Fitz, and I recently returned from a road trip to Park City, Utah; a return after our successful trip at the beginning of June. While we had fun, we ran into some unexpected difficulties on this trip and had to cut our activities short by a couple of days. We were certainly disappointed by […]