James Came to Visit!

A couple weeks ago, James came to visit us and attend an NSCA conference down on the strip. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together as he was mostly in town for the conference getting his CEUs to keep his CSCS cert current. We pretty much only had a couple evenings… Continue reading James Came to Visit!

Grand Canyon

Spurred by the opportunity to visit with family and mark another item off of our 101 list, we finally made the drive (including Fitz!) over to the Grand Canyon (South Rim). The 4 hour 30 minute drive was pretty uneventful and Fitz slept in the back the whole way. We stayed in Tusayan, minutes away… Continue reading Grand Canyon

Recent Lifting

I’ve been doing a variety of weightlifting stuff lately and made a short video showing off some of my strength gains. The video shows me hang cleaning 185×5, hang snatching 135×5, and bench pressing 245×5. Let me know what you think!

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Cabo San Lucas

Almost every year my Mom and I go on a trip some place awesome for her birthday and to get some Mom and daughter time, especially since we don’t see each very often. This year we went to Cabo san Lucas, Mexico and stayed at the Sirena del Mar (Welk Resort). This place was super… Continue reading Cabo San Lucas

First Hike of 2013

Nick and I went out to Red Rock Canyon to take advantage of the first really nice day of 2013 – it reached 75 degrees! One of our 1001 goals is to do every Red Rock Canyon Hike (except the scary one people die on), so after perusing the list, we chose First Creek Canyon.… Continue reading First Hike of 2013

2003 Football – Andrean 59ers vs Highland Trojans – Knockout Hit

I was talking to my brother the other day and we were chatting about our football careers as it looks like he’ll be continuing his. Mine ended a while ago, but I still look back at football quite fondly. I decided to rip the 2003 Andrean 59ers highlight DVD to my computer and I extracted… Continue reading 2003 Football – Andrean 59ers vs Highland Trojans – Knockout Hit