Angela is Awesome at Drawing Blood

As part of her medical assistant certification, Angela has to learn to draw blood from patients in case she has to do it as part of her job. She just did it for the first time yesterday and, before she left class, she managed to snag a few materials so she could practice on me at home.

She did such a great job! I honestly didn’t even know the needle went in even though I was watching her the entire time. To commemorate the occasion, I took some video. Don’t mind the shaking of the camera, I was kind of contorted into a weird position so I could get a good angle for the video and my arm got tired. Check it out:

4 responses to “Angela is Awesome at Drawing Blood”

  1. Not bad at all. I’ve seen much worse from people who do it for a living. What are you going to do with the blood?

  2. Obviously we were trying to make the best of non-optimal conditions. I don’t plan on doing any back alley procedures, so no I don’t think anyone else will have his/her hand there ;)

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