Cabo San Lucas

Almost every year my Mom and I go on a trip some place awesome for her birthday and to get some Mom and daughter time, especially since we don’t see each very often. This year we went to Cabo san Lucas, Mexico and stayed at the Sirena del Mar (Welk Resort). This place was super duper awesome and a really good deal. This was the view from our room (all the rooms have an ocean view!)20130526_room view 2 20130526_room view 1

Our vacation consisted mostly of chilling by the pool and catching some extremely potent rays (70 and 120 are the most common SPF numbers at local stores), but we did have one big adventure day.

Our first stop was a glass blowing shop where we saw the workers make a fish from start to finish (unfortunately, those pictures didn’t come out).

Then it was off to downtown Cabo san Lucas for a little tour and local history. CSL used to be a fishing town with a huge tuna cannery, but tourism was definitely a bigger boost to the economy, so the factory got shutdown and dismantled. The land is still owned by the tuna company and there are giant billboards all over it saying how it’s not for sale. Wonder what they’re waiting for as it is some prime real estate right by the water.

Next it was a boat ride past Cabo’s main attractions – Lover’s Beach (on the Sea of Cortez side), Divorce Beach (on the rougher ocean side) and El Arco with “Land’s End” where the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean meet.

20130528_el arco

Finally, it was a long ride down the coast to Santa Maria beach for a little snorkeling and kayaking.

I really enjoyed our time in Cabo san Lucas and would definitely go back and stay at the Sirena del Mar again – it was a 10 minute cab ride into downtown, so it was close enough to the action and good restaurants, but far enough to be nice and quiet the way I like my vacations.

20130530_Pochos Mexican coffee

PS – Almost forgot to talk about my Mexican coffee experience (see above pic) at Pocho’s at the Marina (tell them the 2 crazy blonde gringas sent you). It was a crazy show of lighting tequila on fire and then pouring the liquid fire back and forth between two gravy boats, then again with kahlua. Pour about 1oz of the weakest coffee ever in that, a spoon of vanilla ice cream, then some more tequila and kahlua and topped with whipped cream and a cherry. It was boozy.

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