Grand Canyon

Spurred by the opportunity to visit with family and mark another item off of our 101 list, we finally made the drive (including Fitz!) over to the Grand Canyon (South Rim). The 4 hour 30 minute drive was pretty uneventful and Fitz slept in the back the whole way. We stayed in Tusayan, minutes away from the entrance to Grand Canyon National Park. If you plan on staying in Tusayan, prepare to pay a lot for everything and don’t have your hopes up in terms of quality. Fitz was awesome except for not wanting to sleep in his crate at night. Of course this spoiled pup wanted the whole middle of the bed:

20130614_Fitz and Ang sleep1

As for the Grand Canyon itself, Nick and I thought it was pretty grand and canyon-y. We weren’t upset that we only spent a couple hours there.

20130615 Ang and Fitz3 20130615 GC schmoos 20130615 Nick and Fitz1


It was a good vacation as it was an opportunity for Nick to get away from his office for the weekend and we got to spend some time with family.



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