Author: Nicholas Ohrn

  • February 2013 Meal Plan

    Angela and I have really buckled down our eating this year. First, we wanted to make a concerted effort to eat better nutritionally. Second, we don’t go out to eat anymore, which has been a huge help in terms of budget and knowing what goes into our bodies. Although we eat fairly plain nowadays, neither […]

  • Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire

    Angela and I went to the Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire last Saturday and had a pretty awesome time. About 40 exhibitors were present, and each was very passionate about the items they were presenting, what they’d created and the chance for the average person to build really cool stuff. While we didn’t talk to […]

  • February 2013 Weightlifting Workout

    Angela and I have been enjoying our home workout equipment a lot. We love the fact that all we have to do to get a good workout is walk down to the garage and put in the effort. For the first four weeks of this year, we eased ourselves into a regular weightlifting program. We […]

  • Home Gym Awesomeness

    Home Gym Awesomeness

    In November, Angela and I had finally had enough of the big box gym and the crowds that come with it. We bought an elliptical machine for our living room and decided it was time to purchase some weights and get out of our gym memberships. This decision has turned out to be one of […]

  • Christmas 2012

    After our awesome trip to Hawaii we only had a few days before Angela’s mom and grandma (and Thor) came for the Christmas holiday and we had another big week of busy craziness. Although we only had company for five days, we did a ton of stuff. First, we went and picked up Angela’s certificate […]

  • Hawaii

    Angela and I recently visited Hawaii (the big island) for our two year anniversary. In whole, it was an awesome vacation – it certainly didn’t start that way though. We were scheduled to leave Las Vegas at 12:40 AM (in the wee morning hours) but due to a series of maintenance delays, we didn’t end […]

  • Brocation in Phoenix, AZ

    My brother and I recently met up for a 5-day long vacation together in Phoenix, AZ. About 4 months ago, I decided it was time for us to see a major college football game. I’d never seen one (having only played at the Division III level) and my brother had only been to one before […]

  • Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris

    Angela and I decided to try something different this year for Thanksgiving. Because we were in San Francisco until the day before the holiday, neither one of us really wanted to spend time preparing a home-cooked meal. As such, we ventured out to the Las Vegas strip (which was a nightmare to drive on) and […]

  • Javier’s Mexican Restaurant at Aria

    The other day, Angela and I were on the strip looking for somewhere to eat lunch. We had originally planed on stopping at Todd English’s Olives at the Bellagio but we accidentally walked the wrong direction and ended up not making it there by the time it closed for lunch. As such, we made our […]

  • Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football – November 19, 2012

    They lost, let’s not talk about it. This was us before our hopes were crushed: