Category: Experiences

  • Angela is Awesome at Drawing Blood

    As part of her medical assistant certification, Angela has to learn to draw blood from patients in case she has to do it as part of her job. She just did it for the first time yesterday and, before she left class, she managed to snag a few materials so she could practice on me…

  • My Birthday

    My birthday this year was pretty amazing. Nick started it off wonderfully by letting me sleep in, followed by a dual-effort of French toast (since Nick is not exactly culinary-inclined). Then it was off for a nice pedicure before hitting what ended up being a ghetto mall. Nick bought me two perfumes I’ve been eyeing…

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson Talks About Persuasion as a Component of Teaching

    I really liked this video. Thought it was a pretty awesome viewpoint and something we can all learn from.