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  • Basic Fitness Advice

    A few of my friends recently asked for some advice on getting in better shape this year. The goals were the same: Feel better in daily life Lose a little bit of weight Fill out (or not fill out) clothing a little better Do not get hurt I’m not a fitness expert – my main […]

  • 100 Days of Squats, a Retrospective

    On June 9th, I finished 100 days of consecutive squatting. I was inspired to take on this challenge by Cory Gregory after an article of his was published in FitnessRX for Men. It promised increased strength, better endurance, and the ability to call yourself a badass and mean it. I’ve taken the last week or […]

  • Squat Fun!

    Angela and I had another great workout today. It consisted primarily of lots and lots of squats, and I thought I’d post a sampling of what we did: Angela Back Squat – 135 x 10 Nick Back Squat – 225 x 20 Nick Front Squat – 275 x 1 Nick Front Squat – 315 x […]

  • My “Back on Track” Workout

    I took about 6 weeks off of lifting weights in the months of July and August. I started lifting again at the beginning of September and it took a few weeks to get my body used to the stresses again. Last week, I finally felt like I used to and decided to ramp up my […]

  • Recent Lifting

    I’ve been doing a variety of weightlifting stuff lately and made a short video showing off some of my strength gains. The video shows me hang cleaning 185×5, hang snatching 135×5, and bench pressing 245×5. Let me know what you think!

  • Banana Bars

    I make these bars for Nick and he thinks they are mega delicious, so I figured I’d share the recipe I threw together from multiple banana bread recipes along with some healthy substitutions. I throw the following in a bowl (why do that whole “mix the dry then the wet and combine them” thing and […]

  • February 2013 Weightlifting Workout

    Angela and I have been enjoying our home workout equipment a lot. We love the fact that all we have to do to get a good workout is walk down to the garage and put in the effort. For the first four weeks of this year, we eased ourselves into a regular weightlifting program. We […]

  • Home Gym Awesomeness

    Home Gym Awesomeness

    In November, Angela and I had finally had enough of the big box gym and the crowds that come with it. We bought an elliptical machine for our living room and decided it was time to purchase some weights and get out of our gym memberships. This decision has turned out to be one of […]

  • The Hardest Legs Workout I’ve Ever Done

    Yesterday, Angela told me she came up with a new legs workout and asked if I wanted to do it with her. I said sure, and we got started. We headed to the gym and things started out easy enough. We jumped on the elliptical machines to get our heartrates up and get the blood […]