Andre’s Las Vegas

Last week, Angela and I went to Andre’s Las Vegas for dinner. We purchased a TravelZoo Local deal for a 3-course meal (appetizer, entree, desert) at Andre’s because it seemed like a good deal and would be a good way to get out of the house and have a nice date night. Andre’s is located… Continue reading Andre’s Las Vegas

James Came to Visit!

A couple weeks ago, James came to visit us and attend an NSCA conference down on the strip. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together as he was mostly in town for the conference getting his CEUs to keep his CSCS cert current. We pretty much only had a couple evenings… Continue reading James Came to Visit!

February 2013 Meal Plan

Angela and I have really buckled down our eating this year. First, we wanted to make a concerted effort to eat better nutritionally. Second, we don’t go out to eat anymore, which has been a huge help in terms of budget and knowing what goes into our bodies. Although we eat fairly plain nowadays, neither… Continue reading February 2013 Meal Plan

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Banana Bars

I make these bars for Nick and he thinks they are mega delicious, so I figured I’d share the recipe I threw together from multiple banana bread recipes along with some healthy substitutions. I throw the following in a bowl (why do that whole “mix the dry then the wet and combine them” thing and… Continue reading Banana Bars

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