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  • Our Journey to Australia
    The Land Down Under

    Our Journey to AustraliaThe Land Down Under

    We recently completed a two and a half week trip to Australia during which we created many memories that will last a lifetime. We chose to prioritize the land down under over other destinations primarily because the last few years have seen a near constant stream of stories about bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef…

  • Valentine’s Day in the City
    A Whirlwind NYC Adventure

    Valentine’s Day in the CityA Whirlwind NYC Adventure

    We recently took a trip to New York City, this time for an entire week. It was Angela’s fourth visit in the last year and a half (fifth overall) and my third as a tourist. We spent most of our time in Manhattan, as we did on previous trips, but finally journeyed to one of…

  • An Eastern Excursion
    Our First Trip to Asia

    An Eastern ExcursionOur First Trip to Asia

    In late September and early October, Angela and I took our first trip to Asia with stays in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Kyoto. We sprinkled in several day trips from Kyoto to ensure our experience was as varied as possible. Over two and a half weeks, we experienced the best hotel stays ever, walked more…

  • Springtime in Paris
    A Beautiful Second Visit to the City of Lights

    Springtime in ParisA Beautiful Second Visit to the City of Lights

    In April, Angela and I visited Paris for the second time in six months. After the frigid cold of December, it was a true delight to experience the city and its people in the springtime. Paris, Again? Some people might ask “why visit Paris again so soon after you’d just been there?” That’s a valid…

  • Five Nights in Paradise
    Our Wonderful Vacation to Mauritius

    Five Nights in ParadiseOur Wonderful Vacation to Mauritius

    Every year, Angela and I try to take at least one vacation where I don’t work at all; a true break from the craziness of day-to-day life and the stress that comes with it. This year, we were lucky enough to go, literally, halfway around the world for the most amazing tropical getaway I can…

  • The Middle East
    Our Trip to Egypt and Jordan

    The Middle EastOur Trip to Egypt and Jordan

    Angela and I recently journeyed to the Middle East for the first time, with stops in Egypt and Jordan. We had no intention of making a trip like this during 2018, but when I saw a 40% off flash sale on all Royal Jordanian fares pop up on January 1st, I decided to take the…

  • Our First Transoceanic Trip
    Two Weeks in London & Paris

    Our First Transoceanic TripTwo Weeks in London & Paris

    Angela and I recently returned from our first international transoceanic trip together. While we’ve previously traveled internationally, it has always been within the Americas, with trips to Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama. We’ve previously flown across the ocean (to Hawaii twice), but that’s a domestic trip, so this one was something entirely different. This was…

  • East Coast Trip 2014

    In late September, Angela and I journeyed to the east coast of the United States, visiting Boston, Rhode Island (Newport and Narraganset), and New York City. We had a ton of fun and did a lot of cool stuff. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, however, I’ll just let them tell the story:…

  • Hawaii

    Angela and I recently visited Hawaii (the big island) for our two year anniversary. In whole, it was an awesome vacation – it certainly didn’t start that way though. We were scheduled to leave Las Vegas at 12:40 AM (in the wee morning hours) but due to a series of maintenance delays, we didn’t end…

  • San Diego, October 2012

    San Diego, October 2012

    Day 1 Nick and I made awesome time and made it to San Diego in only 5 hours. After we checked in to our hotel on the bay, we made the less than half mile walk over to the USS Midway, the decommissioned aircraft carrier that has been turned into a museum. Obviously, it’s enormous.…