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  • A Christmas Holiday
    Spain and Italy in Three Weeks

    A Christmas HolidaySpain and Italy in Three Weeks

    In December 2018, Angela and I were lucky enough to enjoy our third trip to Europe in the past year. We visited Spain and Italy and, as always, created indelible memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Some of this trip was booked with credit card points, hotel rewards, and airline […]

  • Seeing the sights in Singapore

    Seeing the sights in Singapore

    After being at home for the longest period in quite some time, Angela and I set off for an exciting adventure that included stops in New York City, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. This trip was planned well in advance, but we had to make drastic changes in the middle of January due to the […]

  • Making memories in Thailand and the United Arab Emirates

    Making memories in Thailand and the United Arab Emirates

    Angela and I recently returned from a circumnavigation of the globe that included extended stops in Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. This trip, like most of our extended travel, was booked with airline miles and transferrable credit card points. In this post, I’ll explain how we booked our travel and lodging, talk a bit […]

  • A memorable African experience
    Our safari in Southern Africa

    A memorable African experienceOur safari in Southern Africa

    Angela and I recently finished a trip to Southern Africa that encompassed three countries, with a long layover in Qatar on the way home. This was our first journey to Sub-Saharan Africa, if you exclude Mauritius. We didn’t really know what to expect as, unlike most of our trips, our itinerary was all-inclusive for much […]

  • A surprise birthday trip to Paris

    A surprise birthday trip to Paris

    Angela and I just finished up a quick trip to Paris to celebrate her birthday. This was our third sojourn to The City of Light and we loved it just as much as our previous two visits. We had previously seen many of the popular tourist sights, so this trip was focused on spending time […]

  • Around the world and back
    Our first Chinese experience

    Around the world and backOur first Chinese experience

    Angela and I recently completed a lengthy trip that covered most of the circumference of the Earth and visited a variety of distinct locations. Over the course of three weeks, we stopped in Houston, London, Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Lucerne, Zurich, and Milan before returning home. To illustrate our route, here’s an image displaying […]

  • An ancient American experience
    Our trip to Peru

    An ancient American experienceOur trip to Peru

    We recently took a group trip to Peru to visit Lima and Cusco and see stunning monuments gifted to humanity by the Incan Empire.

  • Our Journey to Australia
    The Land Down Under

    Our Journey to AustraliaThe Land Down Under

    We recently completed a two and a half week trip to Australia during which we created many memories that will last a lifetime. We chose to prioritize the land down under over other destinations primarily because the last few years have seen a near constant stream of stories about bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef […]

  • Valentine’s Day in the City
    A Whirlwind NYC Adventure

    Valentine’s Day in the CityA Whirlwind NYC Adventure

    We recently took a trip to New York City, this time for an entire week. It was Angela’s fourth visit in the last year and a half (fifth overall) and my third as a tourist. We spent most of our time in Manhattan, as we did on previous trips, but finally journeyed to one of […]

  • An Eastern Excursion
    Our First Trip to Asia

    An Eastern ExcursionOur First Trip to Asia

    In late September and early October, Angela and I took our first trip to Asia with stays in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Kyoto. We sprinkled in several day trips from Kyoto to ensure our experience was as varied as possible. Over two and a half weeks, we experienced the best hotel stays ever, walked more […]