Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris

Angela and I decided to try something different this year for Thanksgiving. Because we were in San Francisco until the day before the holiday, neither one of us really wanted to spend time preparing a home-cooked meal. As such, we ventured out to the Las Vegas strip (which was a nightmare to drive on) and stopped at Paris to try out Gordon Ramsay Steak.

In short, the food was pretty great but not better than any other restaurant we’ve been to on the strip. It was more expensive than other high end restaurants we’ve been to down there and the atmosphere wasn’t our style. The music was way too loud and it just seemed like the place was trying too hard to be hip and/or cool. We don’t think we’d go back or recommend it to others.

Like I said, though, the food was good and we were happy with the way things tasted overall. Here’s a rundown of what we enjoyed. First, we had some small breads. We were served three different kinds, but only one of them was any good.

After that, we ordered some soup and salad. Angela had British ale onion soup while I chose to have a Caesar salad. Both tasted good.

For our entree, we decided to split the porterhouse (because that’s pretty much what we do at steakhouses now). The steak was cooked correctly and was seasoned really well. The seasoning was kept simple and allowed the steak to really shine through. Here’s some before and after pictures:

After the steak, we partook in some dessert. Angela ordered the carrot cake with cream cheese ice cream and pineapple relish. I ordered a chocolate dish that had passion fruit in it along with some ice cream. We enjoyed coffee with our dessert and it came in a French press. The coffee came with three liquor infused chocolate spoons that Angela really enjoyed. They were Amaretto, Bailey’s and Chambord.

It was definitely a nice experience to have a Thanksgiving meal where we didn’t have to clean up afterwards but, again, we wouldn’t go back or recommend this restaurant to others.


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