Javier’s Mexican Restaurant at Aria

The other day, Angela and I were on the strip looking for somewhere to eat lunch. We had originally planed on stopping at Todd English’s Olives at the Bellagio but we accidentally walked the wrong direction and ended up not making it there by the time it closed for lunch.

As such, we made our way over towards the Aria and, as we were walking into the resort, we saw a sign for a place called Javier’s and decided to try it out.

Short version – it was delicious.

We started out (as is customary for a Mexican restaurant) with some delicious salsa and chips. They were actually quite good. You could definitely taste how fresh they were.

After taking a look at the menu, Angela settled on the lobster enchiladas. She said they were good.

I took the boring route and ordered steak fajitas. Surprisingly, they were really great. They had an interesting flavor to them and had a great little sauce.

Anyways, we would recommend Javier’s for a quick meal. It was relatively inexpensive (for the strip at least) and tasted really good. The atmosphere was definitely pleasant.


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